Wood gas stove

Wood Gasifier

Home-made kit test.

Put together a quick gasifier stove as I was sceptical about how well they worked after seeing a few on various Bushcraft Video’s.
Pleasantly surprised!! Works really well.

Surprisingly efficient, the little pile of twigs I had were enough to make a brew.

Looking forward to using it in the field.

Single most important tip for making this item…make sure your drill bit is sharp! Much easier for drilling the holes in the tin 🙂

Shout out to IntenseAngler Outdoors ( https://www.youtube.com/user/intensea… ) for his excellent video on making a stove.



After seeing how efficient the home made stove was I decided to buy one. Great bit of kit and well worth it.

Still less than £20 on Amazon folks.

bushcraft mug

As always, be safe out there 🙂